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Poor sanitation leads to damage in health conditions of the individuals thereby causing much increased rate of malnutrition and the loss in efficiency. According to an estimate done by World Bank it was seen that India’s poor sanitation condition has led to a loss of 6% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) by the increase in disease condition in the country. Small kids are much affected than adults because of the fact that the immune system of kids are very much weak as compared to adults and the spread of disease hinders their capability to absorb nutrients thereby restricting their growth.

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A well-known health economist Dean Spears discussed the fact that majority of India’s population is under malnutrition due to the unhygienic environment in which small children grow up. Lack of sanitation problem and the increase in population amount acts as a twofold blow on the kids many of which have grown up undersized, however, there is no doubt in the fact that Indian states with very low level of sanitation problem and much higher density of population in states like Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand also have increased level of child malnutrition.

This problem of unhealthy environment is much due to the negligence in public health services. According to a survey done by UNICEF, many of the problems such as respiratory infections and diarrhoea are the major cause for the death of many of the children in India. It has been studied that around 600 million people defecate in open places and around 45% individuals dispose of their faces in open, thereby causing much risk of microbial contamination leading to the problem of diarrhoea in children. So, to make yourself clear off all the problems and make yourself free from all those disease, along with getting your children safe from all those contaminations, we are there to make you out from all those problems. Just give a look at our plans and make all the sanitation problems go in vain.