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Garbage Cleaning

Meaning of garbage is unwanted things or waste material that you throw away.

Do you find cleaning your Garbage Can difficult as it smells horrible and is too dirty? Then, you don’t have to worry anymore. Our Garbage Can Cleaning Services or Trash Can cleaning services will help you out and make your bins look like new.

Do not throw garbage on road side.

We at Health and Sanitation use environmentally friendly cleaning agents to clean and sanitize your Garbage Can. It is very important to clean the Trash Can on a regular basis as it decreases the chances of spreading the infection and thus keeps your family healthy. Garbage Bins are washed using extreme high pressure and cleaned both from inside and outside.

To get rid of the horrible smell coming from the Garbage Bin, our professionals also deodorize it. Cleaning Trash Can is a disagreeable task but Health and Sanitation helps in keeping your bin clean and disinfected.

Now you don’t have to arrange for chemicals and equipment’s to clean your Garbage Can, just contact Health and Sanitation professional cleaning services and get it done. You can choose if you want to get your Trash Can cleaned on a daily, weekly, monthly or one time basis.

It does not matter whether you are a home or business owner, we offer Garbage cleaning services for both residential and commercial purposes. We use innovative cleaning processes that are environment friendly and cost-effective.


Garbage Cleaning service 1Day 5-6 Days 1Week 1month Gold Quarterly Silver 10% Discount Half Yearly Red 20% Discount Yearly Green 30% Discount
Residential Cleaning Rs.100/-Trial Rs.1000/- Rs.1500/- Rs.4050/- Rs.7200/- Rs.12600/-
Society Cleaning Rs.200/- Rs.1500/- Rs.2400/- Rs.6480/- Rs.11520/- Rs.20,160/-
Commercial Cleaning Rs.1500/- Rs.4000/- Rs.16500/- Hire Us 12% Discount Hire Us 25% Discount Hire Us 40% Discount
Others (community center, party hall, etc...) Rs.4200/- x x x x x
Price depends According to area x x x x

Stop throwing garbage and use dustbins!!

Due to our silly mistakes, we are polluting the environment; throw out the garbage outside on the road which is impacting to our fauna stop throwing garbage. We request you all please do not litter and throw you garbage anywhere on the road. It’s time to clean our locality and society.

If you want to clean our society you can use our amazing plans for garbage cleaning service, residential cleaning service at reasonable price.

Do not throw garbage on road side. Do not burn Garbage from roadside